Two things often hold consumers back from making that big drone purchase.Cost and the fear of damaging the drone through improper use. A pioneering group in Japan is hoping to change that, at least for Japanese drone enthusiasts.

In a first for Japan, the nation’s premier drone museum opened in its second largest city of Osaka, featuring a lineup of drones that visitors can purchase and even try out, right there in the museum.

Skyasky Company, a drone piloting instruction school in Japan, sponsors the Drone Museum Horie.

The new museum can be found in Osaka’s Minamihorie district. It features 16 different types of drone from a range of manufacturers inside of Japan and from abroad.There’s a little something for everyone in the drone industry here, with drones ranging from palm-sized bots to massive crop duster drones.

Guests to the Drone Museum Horie can also learn all about drone history, including the first application of current drone technology like that used in New Zealand in 2011 up to the droneography UAVs flooding the consumer market today, according to Japan Times.

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